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Residency in Barcelona & legal services

At BPC our Legal Service provides advice and assistance on all matters of residency and immigration matters, including NIE (Foreign National ID Number) and residency applications if needed. We also support clients in establishing banking relationships, drafting and reviewing every stage of the property purchase process including all due diligence, tax compliance and property deed registration.


This is a complicated and confusing area and one that can be extremely frustrating if you are unaware of the exact requirements and the correct procedures. We have witnessed independent applicants leaving their official residency interviews in tears with total frustration after waiting in line, for sometimes 3 to 4 hours, and then being told that their application is incomplete, or a document is in the wrong language or out of date.

At times, it would appear as though some city officials take great pleasure and delight in frustrating the applicant process. Further, if your do not have a sufficient understanding of the nuances of the process, together with fluent Spanish you may waste inordinate time endeavouring to gain your residency without BPC’s experienced support.

At BPC we understand the relevance in advising our Clients on their appropriate residency status in Spain when they are seeking to purchase a property. Our service provides “hands on” support in your residency applications and establishing bank accounts.


  • At BPC we prepare a comprehensive Legal Due Diligence report on your potential investment prior to you signing any documentation to help ensure your investment security and peace of mind.
  • We draft, prepare and review the following documents in regard to your Property Investment
    • Letter of Intent
    • Reserve document
    • Arras Agreement
    • Purchase Deed
  • BPC communicates with the Notary to review necessary paperwork and documents together with providing assistance at the Property Settlement.
  • We ensure correct registration of the Property Title Deed at the Land Registry Office.
  • BPC also oversees the execution of the payment of taxes (Transfer Tax and VAT), Notary & Registry Fees.


Our Barcelona Property Company Legal Department provides further advice and support in the following areas:

  • Tax advice and introductions to appropriate Accountancy Services should this be required.
  • Company structure should you anticipate conducting business from Barcelona.
  • All general Legal Advice.

Financing your investment

BPC have close relationships with a number of banks and we can therefor provide information and introductions to enable you to set up banking facilities and source finance at the best rates and with a manager you will feel comfortable with. This service is available with Spanish, French or English speaking Bank Officers. There can be hidden costs in establishing a bank account or mortgage in Spain.


We try to make certain that you talk with the right Banks and Managers to establish a healthy and open relationship. We are happy to introduce you to the Bank Managers we use to finance our own investments. We can inform you of the mistakes that can be made when financing your own projects and at BPC we try our best to make sure that you benefit from our personal experience.


BPC believes it is critical to deal with people that you feel comfortable with. Accordingly, BPC provides these recommendations and introductions free of any charge and we never accept any “kick back” from a financial institution. BPC will help you understand all the costs associated with your investment so that you can financially provide for all costs prior to purchasing your property.



At BPC we do not think our job is done after you settle on your property or we hand over your refurbished apartment to you.


We understand from “first-hand experience” that things can go wrong or you can find yourself in an unusual predicament and may need a helping hand. We have had those gut-wrenching realisations that, we have locked our keys (and spare keys) in the apartment, couldn’t make a taxi driver understand directions, or in one case, couldn’t convince a car salesman that we wanted to really buy a car!


BPC provides assistance should you find yourself in any difficulty or arejust in need of advice on any matter. This may include things like the best way to obtain membership at Barcelona Football Club, finding a good restaurant or attraction, and so on.


Our door is always open and we always enjoy past Clients dropping in to tell us all their news andexciting experiences as they settle into their new home town Barcelona.